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♪ but i want you everybody just stopped. and stared at that. >> and stared to the monitor. i've never seen you men pay so much attention. >> hi to robin at home. welcome back to elizabeth vargas. >> she probably liked it, too. >> and welcome back to josh, after vacation. >> turns out california's still one of the great states of the union. >> still is great. >> it was terrific. it was great. >> welcome back. big headline you're coming back to, about the boy scouts. they're set to lift the ban on gay members. some of the organization seems so dead-set against. but the shift is coming. could be very soon. we'll have all the details this morning. we were surprised and concerned to hear that our colleague, barbara walters, has
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the chickenpox. it raises a lot of questions about adults and chickenpox and how that disease can affect adults and what you need to know. it's a lot more serious in adults than it is with kids. >> we'll have dr. besser here this morning. >> we're all thinking about barbara this morning. and what a wave. check out that shot. >> whoa. >> wow. >> it is a record-breaker. could it be one of the biggest ever conquered by a surfer? we'll have the story coming up. >> it's huge. >> really cool. >> that's great. let's get right to the weather extremes that are gripping the country. as the nation bounces from high heat to frigid cold and snow. the midwest is bracing for unusual and possible tornadoes. and then, snow right after. sam is tracking the whiplash forecast for us. good morning. >> that's a good one. whiplash forecast. it's exactly that. the extremes are so unusual here. listen to these numbers as we show you pictures out of kansas city. it's a 74-degree mopd, all-time record high temperature in
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january. topeka, 77, all-time high temperature. and just days later, they slam into brutal air, that gives denver a hit of snow after being in the 60s the day before. it's the slam up against cold weather that has everybody talking and is the big problem right now. look at what you're going to go through in chicago over the next 24 hours. from 60 degrees, dropping by the time we get to wednesday, in the 40s. thursday, in the 20s. friday, 17 degrees. on one side of it, near record-high temperatures. on the other side, near record-low temperatures. that big difference in the nation today is setting up something else. not just slamming from hot to cold. but the possibility we'll have severe severe storms and strong line gusty winds and possibly tornadoes in the hot zone here. look from little rock, to memphis, to jackson. i would take this all the way to eastern texas here. not quite to dallas, as the real possibility of getting tornadoes today. even if you don't get tornadoes today or tomorrow, that cold front travels and travels fast. so, the strong, gusty winds with this. stay up with your abc stations, there will be at least, at the very least, wind damage with the strong storms.
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today and again tomorrow. elizabeth? george? >> thanks, sam so much. josh, you have the lead story on the war on terror. >> that's where we're going to begin. with the u.s. military operations stepping up in the fight against a new war against al qaeda in africa. there's word this morning that the u.s. is laying the groundwork to build its first permanent base in northwest africa, from which to launch spy drones and potential missile attacks against militants in mali. the nearest american base is 3,000 miles away in djibouti. in what is called a significant escalation, britain has agreed to send troops to mali, as well as spy planes. and there is developing news from america's crucial ally in the middle east, egypt. the u.s. embassy has been forced to close because of violence street protests there. the situation so bad, that one military official says egypt's fragile government could now collapse. abc's lama hasan is in cairo with the latest. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning, josh. egypt is on-edge this morning.
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here in tahrir square, the birthplace of the egyptian revolution two years ago, has seen five straight days of bloodshed and violence. overnight, protesters stormed a five-star luxury hotel. they broke down the security barriers before storming the lobby. and special forces swooped in to stop them. meanwhile, protesters defied an emergency law. in three provinces. tens of thousands poured into the streets. and some of them armed. and they battled with security forces. they want president mohamed morsi to step down. and they won't back down until he falls. josh? >> lama hasan, in cairo. thank you for that. a u.s. fighter jet and its pilots have disappeared after the coast of italy. the f-16, similar to what you see here, was on a training mission when it took off last night. we'll have updates as news warrants. also this morning, we learned a $61 million u.s. navy ship will now have to be cut into pieces after running aground on a reef in the philippines.
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all efforts to break "the uss guardian" free have failed. one day after a bipartisan group of senators laid out a plan for immigration reform, president obama unveils his own proposal today when he visits las vegas. the president's plan is said to be more liberal. offering illegal immigrants a faster path to citizenship. a murder mystery in southern california. a prominent doctor has been shot and killed. robert gilbert, a urologist known for his local tv commercials was found in his exam room with seven gunshot wounds. the suspect arrested in the same room, is described as a patient in his 70s. police are trying to figure out the motive. finally, we saw at the top of the show, it could be a ride in the history books. take a look. a photographer caught an image of garrett mcnamara. you can barely see him because he's riding what is thought to be a 100-foot wave in portugal. a ten-story building looming
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behind him. if confirmed, mcnamara would break his own world record he set in the same spot in portugal riding this wave, a mere 78 feet at the same beach in 2011. >> i didn't know they had waves that big in portugal. wow. incredible. you surfed them a lot, right? >> i surfed them exactly 0.0 times. nor would i ever. those are angry. that sea is a angry. >> angry. thanks, josh. now, to the big news from the boy scouts. they're set to lift a national ban on gay members and let local chapters set their own policy for gay scouts and leaders. david muir has been tracking this story. david, this shift could happen as early as next year. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the boy scouts of america tell us they are close to ending the ban. there's financial pressure from some of the scout's biggest sponsors pushing for change. and pressure from some young faces you're about to see. ♪ this morning, the boy scouts of
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america, on the verge of historic change. these are the faces behind it. among them, derek nance, the eagle scout from california. and his own video that's gone viral. >> i hope to once again wear this badge with honor, without having to hide who i actually am. >> reporter: a long-time boy scout counselor who quit before he could reveal he was gay. and ohio mother, jennifer, whose 7-year-old son wanted to become a cub scout. so, she became his den leader. >> the year that followed was one of the most memorable experiences a mom could ever imagine. >> reporter: but she was then fired for being gay. told her sexual orientation would be a distraction. >> well, i'm not a distraction. we're moms. and we're americans. >> reporter: her boy, wiping away his tears. but this morning, a spokesman for the boy scouts of america, telling abc news, they're close to overturning the ban on gay scout leaders and scout members. writing, quote, this would mean there would no longer be a national policy regarding sexual orientation.
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but there is new backlash this morning to any possible change. one religious leader declaring a change in policy would be nothing less than, quote, disastrous for the boy scouts of america. but for derek, it could mean putting on the uniform again. >> the uniform will proudly hang in my closet, waiting for things to get better. >> reporter: that change could come sooner than he thinks. national leaders of the boy scouts meet early next week. even if they lift the ban, though, they say local chapters can choose leaders quote, consistent with their beliefs. and there seems to be leeway they're hoping to have. >> and change bubbling from the ground up. david, thanks very much. >> thanks, david. now, to the harrowing crash-landing on the hudson river and the chilling 911 call made from inside that airplane, just moments after it crashed and was sinking fast. both the pilot and the passenger survived. abc's john muller has more on their harrowing story. >> the plane is filling up. >> reporter: you can hear the fear. a man who knows he might die.
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>> the plane is -- we're going down. we're going down. >> okay. >> reporter: these 911 tapes from sunday's emergency crash-landing in the frigid hudson river were just made public. >> we're in the water. we're filling up. we're going to have to bail. we're going to go in the rear of the plane. the plane is filling up. >> where on the hudson river? >> we're in the middle of the hudson. >> reporter: the terrified caller is 43-year-old chris smith. the passenger on the piper single-engine plane that took the plunge. the other person lucky to be alive this morning, the 39-year-old pilot, denise koch, who managed to land the plane if the dark waters when their engine failed, just minutes after taking a sightseeing tour. >> the plane is taking on water. the plane is going down. get out. get out. it's going head-first. >> reporter: you can hear the very moment their bodies slip into the icy water. >> i'm going to lose you. i'm going to lose you. the water's freezing.
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>> sir? >> the water's freezing. >> reporter: and then, silence. >> sir? sir? >> reporter: wearing life vests, passenger and pilot somehow survived almost 30 minutes in the deadly temperatures before rescuers pulled them to safety. >> saw the victims in the water. they definitely appeared to be in a state of hypothermia, going into shock. >> reporter: among them, an off-duty police officer and his 12-year-old son. >> my dad has always told me be brave and never be scared of helping somebody. >> reporter: an odds-defying landing, a successful rescue. it's reminiscent of the epic miracle pulled off by sully sullenberger, whose crash-landing saved 155 lives. now smith and koch can be counted as two more miracles on the hudson. this morning, pilot and passenger out of the hospital, alive and well. the plane remains submerged in the river. the ntsb is investigating what went wrong. the pilot did contact air traffic controllers and did make a may day distress call before that plane crashed. amazing stuff. >> listening to those tapes.
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my goodness. they survived half an hour in that water. >> almost half hour, yes. >> john, thanks so much. we go to the west coast for a different kind of water threat. they're called sneaker waves. they strike suddenly. and they can sweep away the strongest swimmer. as neal karlinsky reports, a california woman is the latest victim. >> reporter: it's no surprise they're called sneaker waves. one look at the ones that have been captured on camera and you can see how suddenly they sweep in, knocking people hanging around otherwise peaceful shorelines off their feet. it's exactly what happened to 32-year-old susan archer, swept away sunday while working with her boyfriend, and their dog, trigger, along this northern california beach. >> you have to be careful of big waves. and we knew it. it just happened. >> reporter: tallerico said it was the same walk they took every day. only this time, the wave came.
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>> tringer had gone around the corner. i couldn't see them. and by the time i was getting around the corner, i saw her going out already. >> reporter: this time of year from northern california to the washington coast, a simple walk on the beach can be deadly for those not keeping a close eye on the churning seas, which whip up these sneaker waves. sneaker waves are so dangerous because they arrive on the coast as part of a smaller wave train. at first glance, the train looks like a series of normal waves. until a much bigger and stronger sneaker wave emerges, catching everyone around unaware. bob gibson survived one in oregon, despite being slammed by a huge log. >> my thought was, this cannot be happening to me. >> reporter: since november in northern california, two more sneaker waves. one killing a man on a walk with his wife. the other leaving a couple and their 16-year-old son drowned. >> you never, never, never turn your back on the ocean. and you never want to get really close to it. >> reporter: but this morning, tallerico says people need to know. during the winter, a walk on the
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beach can be anything but peaceful. he'll never look at the ocean the same way again. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> wow. all right, now to a story about our colleague, barbara walters. she was hospitalized ten days ago after a fall. and she's recovering just fine from that. but now, we learned that she has contracted the chickenpox. her colleague, whoopi goldberg delivered the news on "the view." >> barbara has the chickenpox. yeah. >> what? >> apparently, she's never had it as a child. >> that's right. never had it as a child. that's a key here. abc's health and medical editor, dr. richard besser, is here. and you say anyone over 25 who has never had it, probably has never been vaccinated and could get it. >> that's right. we tend to think about this as a mild childhood illness. but in adults, there's a greater risk of having complications from the chickenpox and they are at risk. they can get things like
7:14 am
pneumonia, bacterial infections. inflammation of the brain. and there's a group of adults, we think of it as rare. but almost 30,000 adults every year get the chickenpox. those that missed out on vaccination. and those that missed out when everyone was getting chickenpox and everyone was exposed. >> what should you do if you're an adult and you never had the chickenpox? should you get the vaccine? >> if you're in that group and know you didn't have the chickenpox, see your doctor. they can do a blood test to see if you had the chickenpox. or they can just give you the vaccine. more importantly, as you get older, you're at risk of shingles. the same virus that causes chickenpox comes out in another part of your body. once you hit 60, the vaccine for that can cut your risk in half. >> and shingles can be extraordinarily painful. and for some reason it's on the rise in this country. >> it is on the rise. that started before we were using chickenpox vaccine. but getting that vaccine will cut down your chances. even if you get shingles, it will be a milder case than even if you haven't been vaccinated.
7:15 am
>> all right. but we're happy to say that barbara is doing well. thank you for that. >> i had the chickenpox, 8 years old. it was like ten days. >> even worse when you're an adult. >> no question about it. here's a story that's just about guaranteed to get you mad. it involves an indiana couple who rescued and raised a hurt baby deer. look at it right there. now, they may be going to jail for that act of kindness. and abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: what would you do if you saw a little deer like this one, injured and not able to walk? jess and jeff counseller said they faced that very question. >> i could feel the open wounds all over her backside. and she wouldn't stand up. >> reporter: they brought her home. naming her little orphan danni. they said she wouldn't leave. so, they raised her, keeping her for almost two years. but this past summer, everything changed. >> an indiana conservation officer stopped by. he talked to us about 20 minutes or so. and he asked about the deer.
7:16 am
and i told him, yes, we do. she's in the back. do you want to see her? >> reporter: the indiana department of natural resources wanted to euthanize danny, saying she might be dangerous. on the day danny was to be put down, jeff and jennifer say she escaped. >> i was devastated. you know, i had spent a year and several months getting her to the point where she was into adulthood and was going to be able to survive on her own. >> reporter: the counsellers were charged with unlawful possession of a deer. now, they could face up to 60 days in jail. and a total of $2,000 in fines. online, an uproar. a facebook support page and online petition to drop the charges has people commenting from around the world. rick on wrote, an act of humanity should not be rewarded with a sentence. and michelle on facebook wrote, they are being punished for having compassion and showing kindness. >> no matter what the law is, we did what was right for the animal.
7:17 am
>> reporter: and this morning, danny is believed to be alive in the wild and free. the indiana department of natural resources says, it can't comment on pending litigation. this case could go to court next month. if charges aren't dropped, a jury will decide if the couple did right by bambi or broke the law. george and elizabeth? >> wow. i cannot imagine that trial. all right, gio, thanks very much. let's get the weather from sam. >> there has to be a better way for folks to handle it. and i mean the folks that are responsible for making the laws happen. there's a better way to make that happen. let's get to the boards. we're going to show you what's going on. we got an awful lot of heat. near-record high temperatures. 83 in tampa. look at houston, at 79 degrees. look at this area working up into texas. that's 90-degree temperatures near, probably laredo today. 77 in memphis. 66 in louisville. there's a lot of heat in the country today. it gets displaced by this front that slides through. that's why we're talking about the big zone of potential storms and the strong straight line
7:18 am
winds with the storm moving through the possibility of tornadoes, as well. cold air behind it. we'll be talking about that for days.
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>> tv trivia brought to youy tuesday trivia brought to you by mercedes-benz. and the tornado zone is something to watch today into tomorrow. >> sam, thank you. coming up, the woman at thor in of the breakup murder trial starts today. the big question, will she take the stand? dan and nancy to weigh in live. plus, the biggest showdown of the super bowl is up to you. the most high-profile commercials determined by viewers. what really, really happened with jennifer lawrence's dress ♪ [ male announcer ] if paula ebert had her way, she would help her child. deoxyribonucleic acid. he knew that. [ male announcer ] with everything. go! goooo! no. no no no no no. mommy's here [ male announcer ] but that kind of love is...frowned upon.
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>> good morning, i am eric thomas. new this morning, the pam fam of a walnut creek man shot to death of the last month is suing the city for 15 million. the civil right's lawsuit filed in federal court in san francisco names the city of walnut creek and four unidentified police officer. the police chief is defending the actions of his officers who shot and killed anthony danta two days after christmas. danta was armed with a kitchen knife. sue hall is following the tuesday morning traffic. >> going to live or a few
7:24 am
minutes ago in san francisco. injury accident. you can see the pick up truck. there was a tow truck involved . major injuries and once again ninth and brenon investigation is under way there is a look at the tow truck. it has caused delays . north 101 near third. eric n >> when we come
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check outut beautiful sunrise and catching all of the beautiful colors on my facebook page. live doppler is quiet. temperatures in the 30s and 40s right now and close average
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♪ super bowl ads are pushing the envelope again. this time, it's all about the viewer. you can be part of the big pepsi
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super bowl ad. be right there with beyonce. this is happening in so many ads this time around. trying to create interaction between the viewers and the products and the ads and the game and everything. we're going to tell you all about it. >> all right. we're also going to turn to the trial of jodi arias, which we've been following for the last several weeks. her defense is in high-stakes mode right now. they begin laying out their case right now. will she take the stand in her defense? she told three separate stories to police. maybe she'll have to pick a story. >> yeah. and we've been talking about this it seems all morning. why these jeans could be your weapon in the war against cellulite. they are moisturizing. and we will put them to the test, courtesy of amy robach. >> oh, amy's wearing them now? >> yeah.
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>> it is so good to be back. and a morning, oh heavyweight. we have sylvester stallone here live. and one of the greatest voices in all of music. andrea bocelli. that was a soundcheck for the ages. >> i could sit here all morning long listening to that. let's get to the first in the breakup of the murder trial. the defense of jodi arias is expected to begin today. her lawyers will argue that she was trying to protect herself when she stabbed her ex-boyfriend to death. we're going to talk live to dan and nancy in a moment. but ryan owens has the latest on the story. >> reporter: fatal attraction? or self-defense? just hours from now, jodi arias' defense will begin. did she kill her boyfriend in a jealous rage? or did he die while jodi was fighting for her own life? >> jodi would live or she would
7:31 am
die. >> reporter: the prosecution has laid out every gruesome detail of how mormon businessman travis alexander was killed. after initially lying to police, arias finally admitted to stabbing him nearly 30 times and shooting him in june of 2008. >> jodi, this is over. this is absolutely over. you need to tell me the truth. >> listen, the truth is i did not hurt travis. >> reporter: first, she said she wasn't there. then, she was and witnessed intruders kill him. and finally, the version her attorneys are now telling the jury, that arias killed alexander in self-defense. >> the defense is going to come in and clean up this mess of her multiple stories and explain that in some kind of a narrative. >> reporter: domestic violence experts will testify to try to explain away her lies. and ultimately, most expect jodi arias, herself, will take the stand. >> for her to get up in person, on the witness stand, and tell a story and show emotion, and paint the picture of a woman
7:32 am
abused, is the strongest potential defense they have here. >> reporter: arias could face the death penalty if convicted. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, phoenix. let's get more from our legal team, nancy grace, who has been covering the trial for her show on hln. and our legal analyst, dan abrams. nancy, i have to begin with you. you reported on your show last night, that jodi may have been willing earlier to plead to a lesser charge. >> as a matter of fact, she wanted to plea to a lesser charge. what we learned from the defense memoranda was that a couple of years ago, she actually approached the state and wanted to plead guilty to a second-degree murder charge that carries a penalty of up to 25 years. there's two days to show it. number one, extreme indifference to human life, like drag racing. and the other is killing without
7:33 am
premeditation. they actually wanted to plea to that. but the prosecutor said no way. it wasn't enough time for jodi arias. >> are you surprised at that? >> i'm not surprised that jodi arias wanted a second-degree murder conviction. that's really the goal here, as far as i'm concerned. when you look at the amount of evidence here, and her own statements, of course, she wants a second-degree murder conviction. i don't think her lawyer, i don't think jodi arias expects there's a real shot she's going to walk away with an acquittal here. a second-degree murder conviction or a plea would have been a big win for jodi arias. i'm surprised prosecutors said no. >> as they mount their defense today, what is the best strategy going forward? >> for the defense? i think they have to call jodi arias. on the one hand, you're increasing the chance of her getting a lesser conviction. the other option is, don't have her testify, wait until the penalty phase, put her on on that point and beg for her life. that presumes you're going to
7:34 am
get a first-degree murder conviction. and then, you're going to try to save her life. if she takes the stand now, bigger gamble. maybe there's a chance the jurors connects to her. a juror connects to her in some way, shape or form. >> all she has to do is get one juror to connect with her in some way, right? >> well, that's all she's got to do. and the defense is betting on with the battered women defense theory, which i believe is totally unfounded, they plan to bring on an expert named alias viloette. the title of one of her speeches was -- was snow white a battered woman? it's hard for me to take that seriously. but i think we're glossing over here. and you're just analyzing it, like it's a spectator sport. it's not. there's a dead man. 29 stabs. and a gunshot to the head. what is disturbing to me is this woman was prepared to swear
7:35 am
under oath, on the bible, that she murdered him. and now, she wants to plead self-defense. now, it may be a game to everybody else what they put in front of a jury. but i take it very seriously. and if yesterday she was ready to say, i did it, show leniency, i murdered him. and today, she wants me to buy a crock called self-defense? that disturbs me. >> this is not a great example. it's possible in another case, someone could believe the chances of them getting convicted are so high that they don't want to take the chance of going to trial. and they're willing to take a second-degree murder conviction, even if they believe it was self-defense. in this particular case, that's not a great -- >> right. to them, it's a crap shoot. they're like in vegas. they don't care about the truth. >> nancy -- >> i care about the truth. >> prosecutors every day make decisions based on gambles. is it worth taking this case to trial? are we willing to take a plea to avoid going to trial, et cetera.
7:36 am
those are gambles that prosecutors take every day. >> we have to end -- >> when i look back on prosecuting, i always tried to do the right thing. when i was at that jailhouse yesterday, i ran into so many women as i was walking the halls, that she has convinced that self-defense is going to work on the jury. >> we'll see what happens. >> the last thing that jodi arias wanted was nancy grace at the jail. >> i'm sure that's right. let's get the weather from sam champion. >> we're watching this powerful cold front move across the country, with a footprint of heavy rain for two days now. we'll break this up. this is today's heavy rain that runs from chicago to st. louis, all the way towards dallas. there's flood watches out for this. and this happens tomorrow, when that front makes it all the way to the eastern seaboard. two days of heavy rain. even powerful storms in a good part of the middle of the country and the south. and behind that is enough cold air to deliver some snow. when you see a big hit of snow like this, and you see chicago left out again, chicago just doesn't get the snow that, say,
7:37 am
des moines does or kansas city does, or >> all of that weather was brought to you by ensure. one more time, i want to say again, those big storms in the south could be powerful. check this ad out. how is it going to end? which one of these will air? how the big game ads are the most interactive ever. and what really happened with jennifer lawrence's dress at the s.a.g. awards sunday night? christian dior explains it all. [ male announcer ] what are happy kids made of?
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back now at 7:42, with a new spin on the high-profile super bowl commercials that will be the most interactive ever. viewers will be able to call the shots this year. choosing what airs and voting on the endings of ads. and linsey davis is here with a super look at all of it. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lara. the internet is a game-changer. and companies advertising during the super bowl are hip to the game. they know the stats. like the youtube research that says super bowl ads shown before the game get 600% more views. so, companies are scrambling to get the biggest bang for their
7:42 am
buck. with $4 million at take for just 30 seconds of your time during this sunday's big game, advertisers are trying anything and everything to score big. what they're banking on is this year's winning play will be putting the power into the hands of the viewer. >> wonder what would happen if i were to send this out. >> reporter: instead of betty white, talking babies and dogs in shoes, this year's all about interaction and social media. >> the super bowl will be the most democratic and social super bowl in history. they really want people involved with these ad campaigns because there is so much pressure. this is a gigantic investment. and they want these things to have a long shelf life. >> reporter: for the past six years, doritos has been putting their fans to work making the ads. >> sweetheart, i'd love to. but the guys are outside waiting for me. >> got doritos. >> reporter: and then, having
7:43 am
them vote on which makes the cut. >> it will be fun for them to sort of vote and see their vote counts. it allows them to invest themselves in the game. >> reporter: something other companies are catching on to. this year, audi shot three endings to this. and allowing which one to makes it to the big screen. budweiser is asking viewers to follow them on twitter to name this colt, the latest for their team of clydesdales. they're letting their fans strike a pose with the can, as they're waiting for beyonce for their halftime show. as massive as the audience is for the super bowl, youtube, as you can imagine, has it beat. take last year's game, it attracted 111 million viewers. the same ads have been viewed online more than 300 million
7:44 am
times. you do the math. >> i love that. the ads are my favorite part. >> me, too. >> now, they're just showing them before the game. you get extra play. extra market. >> really smart. >> my kids will be excited. >> great job. coming up, we've been talking about it all morning long. the jeans that just might be able to help you beat cellulite. we're going to try them on, coming up. josh elliott is back, ladies and gentlemen. come on, josh. >> freeze it. freeze it. freeze it. freeze. >> freeze what? >> freeze that. >> freeze it. stop. honey! we're pregnant! what? we're pregnant! we're pregnant? yeah! you're going to be a mom! you're going to be a dad! there's a little baby in there? there's a human being growing inside your stomach? yeah! now what? i don't know? what? introducing huggies mommy answers. the best advice in one place. from the brand new moms trust.
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7:48 am
right then, here's "the play of the day." >> best thing about this, andrea bocelli is right there. they'll be along in moments. first, a great "play of the day"
7:49 am
here. and giving new meaning to smartphone. this is p.k. unger. finishes his run. now, watch what happens. >> the smartphone comes down. right at his feet. >> that's part of the trick. you get extra points for that. >> that's the supercam. >> that's remarkable camerawork. >> it's an app. you can download that. follow me down the hillside. >> it's the phone stalker app. >> talented phone. >> incredible phone. >> how are you guys? are you good? >> we missed you, josh. >> california, where mom lives. it was unbelievable. beautiful weather. great to be home. it was great to be home. >> glad you enjoyed your time with mom. andrea bocelli right there. >> right here.
7:50 am
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7:55 am
>> good morn being, i am eric thomas. oakland police are planning to provide more details about the shooting of a eight year old girl recovering from a gunshot wound in the leg. she was standing with people and a car drove by and someone opened fire. >> mainly cloudy out there and mild with mid-30s in napa and mid-40s in pran fran and half moon bay. today's temperatures will close to average . warmer starting tomorrow through the weekend. hi. sue. >> accident of midpan on the bridge southbound willy and overturn here. expect delays if you are traveling. left lane on the tollpliza . accident as well. eric. >> sue, thank you very
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
♪ i want to scream and shout and let it all out ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
7:59 am
people bundled up in times square this morning. warming up a little on the east coast. sam's reporting all morning. kind of crazy weather across the country right now. but they are smiling in times square. hi, robin. you would have loved what was happening a couple minutes ago here. andrea bocelli did his soundcheck. "september morn" in spanish. pretty great. >> he sounded fantastic. and he was channeling a little elvis presley. wow. >> we have a lot of things coming up. first, this mystery from sunday night at the s.a.g. awards. jennifer lawrence and the dress. >> burning up the internet. >> that's the thing. it's all day long yesterday, wildly viral. everyone wants to know what was going on with the dress. >> we told you. >> we speculated. we speculated. >> lara explained it all. now, christian dior will explain it all. >> they will back up lara, i believe. >> i believe. >> i believe so. plus, we have the new jeans that claim to make you lose weight.
8:00 am
do they really work? well, our own, very game, amy robach tried them out. >> oh, no. >> amy, who has -- who has the hottest body ever. but thank you for trying them, amy. >> yeah. >> a tough job. but someone's got to do it. >> looking forward to hearing -- she's in great shape. but it will be fun to hear how they feel. a refreshing start to your morning. we have the sexy, now star of the new diet coke campaign. is he on the verge of becoming the most famous man on the planet for that sizzling six-pack? and we're not talking about the soda. we'll meet him, live. his name is andrew cooper, in case you cared. >> he's a brit. >> i cared. >> we're all very impressed. okay. we have some hollywood leading ladies, embracing their natural beauty now. they apparently are dropping the makeup. makeup-free for the cameras. linsey davis taking her own makeup off right now. is that true?
8:01 am
>> there she is. >> going for it. yeah. >> lovely, linsey davis. we'll have that. also, "gma" continues to be the place where all the big stars settle in. and guess what? sylvester stallone is here. george told you that andrea bocelli is here. and 16-time grammy-award-winning producer david foster is here. >> yea. >> a few of the great folks that have stopped by. as he fades out, let's two to josh with the news. >> indeed. we're going to begin with your news, sam. the extreme weather here, leading the way here and abroad. sam's been telling us all morning long, parts of the midwest seeing record warm temperatures today. into the 70s, in fact, in missouri. but parts of the south could see damaging tornadoes, heavy winds, perhaps snow later. sam will have the updates in moments. overseas, thousands of people have evacuated their homes in australia because of what you see there. a massive storm that's brought severe flooding. it's whipped up seafoam in some
8:02 am
places four feet thick. the u.s. military ramping up against al qaeda terrorists in north africa. there is word this morning that the u.s. is laying the groundwork for the first u.s. base that's permanent in the region. such a base would be needed for surveillance drones and missile strikes. news from egypt, a crucial ally in the middle east. the u.s. embassy is closed after violent anti-government protests escalated. the head of the egyptian military warned that the government could, in fact, collapse if order is not restored. and you can get ready to pay more at the gas station. a new survey shows that prices rose 4 cents per gallon in the last week alone. some experts predict a gradual increase through spring. and a brazen smash and grab to show you in atlanta. thieves ramming a stolen car into a foot locker. 15 of them pour into the store, grabbing everything they could reach, shoes, shirts and all. they remain on the loose.
8:03 am
and the big experiment at jcpenney is over. a year ago, the store tried to turn around its business, stopped offering discounts, saying it would eliminate sales and keep prices low all the time. it didn't work. prices will be lower. sales will be starting up again this wooek. in medical news, ease up on the fried foods. men who eat deep-fried food once or more a week, and that does include doughnuts, are 30% more likely to develop prostate cancer. here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> good morning to you, josh. tonight on "world news." you know these two men. and one of them will win a super bowl ring this year. their stories are so inspiring. their unlikely paths, from "the blind side" to the super bowl sidelines, we'll have it on "world news." >> we'll be watching. and finally, a soldier serving in afghanistan, wanted to order a pizza for his wife back home in florida to surprise her on her birthday.
8:04 am
so, he called up her favorite pizza shop. and not only did said pizza shop surprise josephine folker with pizza. but they also delivered balloons and flowers. and on top of that, look at the pizza pie they made. bless you, elizabeth. >> excuse me. >> a special shoutout. it's the mellow mushroom pizza in jacksonville for doing that. way beyond. you're america's favorite pizza shop. >> that was great. >> that was great. >> we like pizza too. >> we do, indeed. love it. lara? thank you. let's get started with "pop news." good morning to all of you. good morning to you. we have a look at "vanity fair's" 19th annual hollywood issue, filled with more than 75 of hollywood's glamorous stars. the theme is photographer bruce weber's adventures in hollywood. take a look at some of these adventures.
8:05 am
ben affleck and bradley cooper. there's emma stone. she got off easy on that. tom hanks, looking dapper. there's a myriad of stars from genres and generations inside the magazine. phenomenal pictures. always fun to read. that issue, on newsstands this thursday. also in "pop news," george the gentleman strikes again. right now, clooney is in germany getting ready to make his next movie, "the monument men." and he surprised one berlin restaurantgoer by paying his restaurant tab friday night. the waiter told the diner that the tab was covered by clooney, because the actor felt that he an his friends had been too loud at the table next to the lucky diner. the man said, that wasn't true. the clooney crew behaved in a cultivated manner. and he didn't realize who clooney was until after he left the restaurant. >> what? >> that's fantastic. >> isn't that a great story? >> that's great. >> follow george and have dinner next to him. >> i know. why doesn't that happen to us? also in "pop news," sam, listen up. basketball hall of famer charles barkley is sick of the rain in
8:06 am
scottsdale, arizona. >> i get it. >> he thought he would help out. the round mound of rebound dropped by the phoenix abc affiliate, knxb, thank you, josh, for that. sunday night to help the weatherman and the forecast. not to worry, sam. sir charles can use a little more practice. but it was highly entertaining to hear his talk on appropriate golf weather. in case you're wondering, it will be sunny in phoenix for the rest of the week. >> the anti-rainmaker. >> we're going to save the pop quiz for tomorrow. >> did you confirm that for phoenix? >> whatever charles says, wins. i'm not going to go against that forecast. whatever happens. hey, good morning. are you ready to tell me your name? >> quinn. >> and? >> stella. >> and? >> jeff. >> and iris. >> you made me get up, iris. i had to go all the way up the long line to get everyone's name. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to tell you about as you head outside your doors.
8:07 am
here's something that we really want to kind of put in your head today. this cold front is moving east at a rapid clip. it's changing drastically, the weather from one side to the other. it means there's strong thunderstorms. with this could easily be tornadoes today. from memphis, to little rock, to dallas involved in that. as that front moves through. not only will there be strong storms, but they'll be carrying straight line winds. it will be moving quickly. at least, the powerful winds today and tomorrow in the deep south. and then look at the numbers to the north. chicago, you may not get snow out of this thing.
8:08 am
>> so -- sam would get squeezed out. now, you're actually in the shot. let's leave times square and go back inside to -- >> all: lara! >> oh, you guys had one job to do. >> they did a great job, sam. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." what really happened to jennifer lawrence's dress at the s.a.g. awards? we told you yesterday. but we're going to have christian dior talk about it now. and do the anti-cellulite jeans really work? there's amy robach. you see -- she's out putting them to the test for us. and the brand-new diet coke hunk in a refreshing redo of that classic commercial. we're going to talk to andrew cooper live, there he is. all that, plus sylvester stallone and andrea bocelli live, on "good morning america," here in times square. in times square. to the best vacation spot on earth.
8:09 am
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to stay healthy indoors. and after a couple of weeks, i knew we were finally home! [ female announcer ] purina cat chow indoor. and for a delicious way to help maintain a healthy weight, try new purina cat chow healthy weight. cannot wait for that. we have important business to clear up. we have to get to the bottom of this once and for all. we saw jennifer lawrence at the s.a.g. awards. we saw the dress go down. and come right back up. this morning, we have an official explanation. christian dior laid the ground. they're setting the record straight. and paula faris has the details. >> reporter: she won for her role in "silver linings."
8:14 am
>> this morning, there's a silver linings. >> did it rip? >> reporter: on her way to the stage, 23-year-old jennifer lawrence, has her couture dior gets caught under a chair. watch her reaction, as she nearly falls. and then, a flash of skin. lawrence, brushing off the incident with our chris connelly. >> did you do anything with your dress as you went up the stairs? >> i fell on the ground. i don't know if they got that on camera, did they? i totally forgot. this train is going to murder me. yeah. somebody's chair got stuck on my train. >> reporter: what actually happened? the internet lit up, demanding answers. was there a wardrobe malfunction or a flaw in the fabric? not so says the designer. the dress is made with different levels of tulle and satin. that's what viewers saw when
8:15 am
jennifer lifted her dress slightly. as bradley bayou points out, strutting down the catwalk is different than walking in reality. >> she would never have a reason to lift this dress up. you never would have known that. >> reporter: there is a silver lining for lawrence. >> i will never look at pictures. the only true way to happiness. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. let's get more on this, now, from -- >> more? >> even more. lori bergamotto is here from "lucky" magazine. >> that's the true fact. it's just the construction of the dress. there was no wardrobe malfunction. lara's agreeing with me. that dress was meant to slide down the runway. you were never meant to see that. it's a sheer lining of the dress. the reason that jennifer lawrence was panic-stricken was
8:16 am
because she knew you weren't supposed to see that. >> and she had just tripped. >> it was kind of coming apart in the middle. but the dress is three different parts. >> while it wasn't a wardrobe malfunction, it's not supposed to do that. >> that's the construction of the dress. but the way that the dress is actually constructed, there's a tulle lining underneath. and -- >> thank you, sam. >> for those of us who don't know, it looked like a convertible dress. >> it is. and you know why? >> you know what i mean? she can move around in that a little easier. >> and it was more slimming. >> and you're -- >> i see, josh, you were making fun. and there was plenty to talk about here. >> this is day three. >> no. we'll give you a pop quiz tomorrow. >> there was a malfunction. >> no malfunction. no malfunction. >> it did not -- she did see it.
8:17 am
but you're not supposed to. but you did. >> it moves up. >> we've got to get to the moisturizing jeans. >> we really do. when did you think you would say that? we really need to get to the moisturizing jeans. we do and we shall. now, the jeans that claim to battle cellulite. we talked about them in "pop news" last week. we had a good time doing that. and wrangler is introducing the new jeans. and amy robach tried them out. amy? >> these are not your ordinary jeans. they feel different, right? >> they don't feel greasy. i thought they would. >> when you have them on, they kind of tingle. they feel different. >> do they actually make your legs look different? >> we'll find out, now. >> reporter: the denim wars. the choices seem endless. the boyfriend jeans. the skinny jeans.
8:18 am
pajama jeans. just when you thought you had seen it all, you have moisture idesing anti-cellulite jeans. what? that's right. wrangler, the iconic denim brand known for its image. >> i'm comfortable in jeans that are tough. >> reporter: is joining the unmacho fight against dry skin and cellulite. wrangler's denim spa line has three different jeans that the company claims will soothe and moisturize your legs. wrangler says the smooth jeans can reduce the appearance of cellulite. >> we're looking for ways to save time. if these jeans cut out one step in the process, i think a lot of women will really want to try them. >> reporter: the jeans are infused with ingredients off of pricey face cream. take a look. i decided to try them out for myself. all right. i've changed. and these are just my go-to jeans. they're comfortable. they fit me. but they don't make the same
8:19 am
claim that these jeans do. let's see if i can tell the difference. this is the spa denim. it feels like there's lotion in here. as far as the cellulite, that's for me to know and you never to find out. therapy for legs. seems to be working. i'm relaxed. next, i took them out for a little test stride in the heart of new york's times square. they felt comfortable and soft. but what did other women think? >> they feel like leggings almost. >> reporter: these jeans claim to reduce the signs of cellulite. do you buy it? do you believe it? >> i think that sounds crazy. >> reporter: still, the go-to brand for cowboys and the ladies who love them, hope that women will add the denim spa jeans to the battle against cellulite. experts say, it's big business. >> the problem with cellulite is 95% of women have it and the other 5% think they have it. there's no lasting permanent
8:20 am
treatments for cellulite. if there were, i'd be doing it. and i'd have it. >> according to "the telegraph," these cleans were clinically tested. and 69% of the denim testers said their thighs had had improved. but they had to wear them five days a week, over four weeks. >> and sleep of them. >> and run three hours a day. >> 0% of the testers had as much fun as we did watching that. >> i watched the story like this. you have going to have a lot of fun with our next story. now, to the refreshing redo of the diet coke commercial of the '90s, that introduced us to lucky, the construction worker, ogled by women in an office building. almost 20 years later, diet coke has updated the ad with a sexy, new hunk. we're going to talk to him live in just a moment. first, abc's chris connelly has the story.
8:21 am
>> reporter: in all english novels, things get steamy when they call the gardener in. but for this new diet coke in, calling the gardener speaks the interest of these ladies. that's british model andrew cooper, who takes a spritzing cola can and reveals a sizzling six-pack, that seems to refresh everyone. many viewers must be feeling lucky. lucky vanous, that is. who in 1994, brought his pecs to the public. a voyeur consideration ad that put diet soda on a what a man map. how do these stack up? >> it's 11:30. >> it's 11:30. lucky vanous was 33 when he made 11:30 a time for luck.
8:22 am
a nebraska native, former army ranger. this clip on his calendar shows, he served his beef cake rare. >> i feel awkward at times. >> reporter: today, andrew cooper and his wash board stomach, is 6'1", born in 1981. are you even listening to me? those who might have been chastised in the past for their appreciation of kate upton might object. but this ode of ogling seems all in fizzy fun. for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. and we are so happy to have the new diet coke hunk, andrew cooper here. hello, andrew. good morning. >> hey, good morning. >> the new diet coke ad has debuted in great britain. what's been the reaction over there? did we lose andrew? oh, no. andrew left. >> after all that? >> after all that. >> no. >> i was going to ask him. >> playing hard to get. >> andrew, i hear ladies are
8:23 am
leaving diet coke outside your front door. >> yeah. the reaction's been great. it's only been out a while. but definitely a lot of hype towards it. it's been a great thing. >> you're recently married. what does your wife think of the ad? >> yeah. she loves it. she loves it. it's been on replay a lot. >> replay for her? or for you? >> no. for her. i travel a lot. so, it's her way of having me at home when i'm away. >> why do you think they picked you for the ad, andrew? >> did you see the tape? >> i don't know. i tried to just be -- you know, normal and approached in a normal way. i'm just a lucky guy who -- sounds like a bit of a pun. right place, right time. i'm just happy to be part of it. >> you know, being this ad changed life for lucky vanous, the first diet coke guy. have you thought about how this might change your life going
8:24 am
forward? >> yeah. hopefully in a positive way. something i've been looking at getting into, the acting. it's a nice move in that direction. so, i take everything as it comes. you know, i'm really happy to be part of it. >> we can see your method acting on display right, in the ad. >> yeah, yeah. >> i think we need to see it one more time. >> lara needs to see it one more time. >> it's a good shirt action. >> you do a fantastic job at it. >> thank you very, very much. >> lara's -- >> i did not. i did not ask you to take your shirt off. >> okay. >> she wanted to know if you were going to take your shirt off. >> no. i didn't want to know that. i didn't -- andrew, best of luck in your acting career. >> sylvester stallone coming up, and andrea bocelli.
8:25 am
>> good morning, i am kristen sze. san francisco police are investigating a crash that
8:26 am
injured three people this morning, near the intersection of ninth and brenon street. it involved a tow truck and pick up truck that hit a side of the building. three people taken to the hospital one in critical condition. one person needed to be pulled from one of the vehicles using the jaws of life. we'll see how the morning commute lookings. >> still a tough one. there is a alert for the over turned accident on the venition bridge. you can see slow traffic behind the bridge . west 84th at 680 another overturned. kristin? >> thank you.
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> morning, no radar in the upper parts of the atmosphere. and temperatures in the 30s in napa and fairfield. and load up in the 40s for the rest of the us . warmer in santa rosa and concord and san francisco about the same. and slight chance of rain come monday. kristin. >> ♪
8:29 am
[ singing in a foreign language ] [ cheers and applause ] andrea bocelli right there. "september morn." and i love seeing everybody's faces right there. everybody's happy and smiling. and they put on the sound out here. everyone got serene. >> he is incredible. so much fun to have him here. a new album out today. it's called "passione." and he covers songs that have been made famous by other singer/song writers. we heard him singing an elvis presley tune. and neil diamond. >> i want to wish a happy 12th birthday to jolie in houston, texas. we have a real heavyweight sticking around. he looks terrific. sylvester stallone is in the house. a new action-packed thriller.
8:30 am
elizabeth's sons wanted to skip school today. >> they are the biggest "rocky" fans on earth. >> he's a legend and a great guy. so, now, we ask, how many women out there would pose for the cameras without makeup. you saw abc's linsey davis getting ready to do just that just a few minutes ago. we're going to show you her unfinished product in a moment. first, linsey explains why leading ladies took it off. >> reporter: some of hollywood's hottest leading ladies went au natural, from the shoulders-up, "w" magazine. kristen stewart, nicole kidman and others, ditched the concealer and mascara for a revealing look. they're not the first celebs to unmask. lady gaga appeared on the cover of "harper's bazaar" with no
8:31 am
makeup in 2011. jessica simpson posed for "marie claire." everyday women are finding a sense of freedom, exposing what lies beneath. katie couric interviewed phoebe baker hyde, who documented her experiment for a year. >> i packed away my jewelry and i cut off my hair. >> reporter: katie decided to try it. she did her whole show live with no makeup. never wanting to turn down a dare, i bared all. stripping down the makeup on one side of my face, to show the difference fake eyelashes and concealer can make. >> once a week, you should not
8:32 am
wear wake-up at all. you should take off every trace of makeup off your face every night. foundation can block pores. dark eye shadow can cause redness and rash. and wearing dark lipstick over time can cause cysts. but being in public without anything on your face does feel rather naked. and i am the ultimate team player. no makeup this morning. i want to apologize for those who thought my eyelids for a bright shade of fuchsia. >> i think it's great advice. and you look beautiful. >> thank you, lara. let's go inside to elizabeth. >> thanks so much, guys. i'm here with sylvester stallone. you're listening to that theme music we all know and love so much. the superstar is back in action on the big screen, playing a hitman who joins forces with a cap, to avenge their partner's death. the movie is called "bullet to
8:33 am
the head." we're happy to have sylvester stallone here to tell us about it. i was telling you off camera before you came out here, i was such a huge fan of "rocky." now, my 6-year-old son plays clips of "rocky" nonstop on youtube. >> i don't know what to say? is that a good thing? >> it's a great thing. you never get tired of watching the fight scene. >> i don't know what happened. i never intended it. it never ceases to amazes me, a young fella, approaching 100 years old, there's 6-year-olds still watching. it's amazing. >> did you imagine -- >> no. >> my sons are in it. every generation of boys loves it. >> it's a freak of nature. i don't blame authorship to it. >> you have a new movie out. it's based on a book called
8:34 am
"bullet." why did you pick this one? >> i wanted to do a graphic novel. i wanted to do something beyond the realm of realism. but still in my wheelhouse. i wanted to do a buddy film. but it's really not a buddy film. i hate this guy. he hates me. therefore, an anti-buddy film. and walter hill, a great director. he was a key i wanted to work with, these people while they're still in their creative state. >> you had said you wanted to work with walter hill in the movie "48 hours" but you passed on that role. >> i was dumb. i passed on a lot of things. >> which do you wish, looking back, you had taken that you passed on? >> "coming home." let me see. i did "rhinestone." and there was chasing some stone. with michael douglas. >> "romancing the stone"? >> i took the wrong stone. there's a lot of things. "witness." >> "witness"?
8:35 am
you were offered a role in "witness"? >> things like that. i go, wow. you make these mistakes and you move on. you do what you do well and give people what they want. >> you mentioned "rhinestone." you were saying a moment ago, with the great andrea bocelli, if he needs any singing help. >> he does need some pointers. andrea, open. breathe. you heard me in "rhinestone." ♪ last night i went honky-tonk is he coming over? is he going to punch me? >> i think my 6-year-old is really going to wish he is here. >> he's my man. >> he's great. >> we have a quick clip of this movie, where you're talking with the partner you can't stand, about how he's going to tell you how a cell phone can be used as a murder weapon. and you give him a little lesson. let's take a look. >> i can break this glass and use it as a cutting edge. never see me coming.
8:36 am
i could use a lithium battery to poison your drink and in your coffee. wouldn't even taste it. >> and i could kill you with this piece of apple. >> yeah, right. how would you do that? >> distraction. >> you mentioned in this movie, you used your voice in a way you never have before. you call it full voice. tell us about that. >> well, usually, rambo, he's kind of reserved. he doesn't open up. rocky, it's more nasal. why don't i just pretend, for once, that i am actually a hitman. you don't try to do any character work. you just go out there and say, okay. let me see. i'm a father of three. but today, i'm a hitman. but i have the same personality. see what i mean? it's kind of interesting. a lot of times it's more interesting to try to be someone else. well, it's not me. it's someone else. i'm a good guy. it was a bad character. i said, let me try to be me.
8:37 am
>> and you're going to go in the boxing ring one more time with robert de niro. >> oh, my god. >> you described it -- >> it's for warner brothers. it's called "grudge match." it's amazing. i've never had so much fun. we get in the ring and get it on. aren't they approaching the century mark yet? yes, we are. we're a little younger than the constitution. but, you know, most guys combined average age, 41. we're like 135. but we're just kids with arthritis. we really are. we're ready to go for it. >> trust me, my sons would love to be extras on that set. yeah. >> thank you. >> it's great to have you here this morning. "bullet to the head" opens nationwide on friday. >> a love story. >> a love story. >> i love you, my bullet. let's go to sam with a look at the weather. hey, sam. >> elizabeth, we love that.
8:38 am
the audience outside loved that with sly. you should go another minute. we could skip weather for more time with sylvester stallone. let's get to the boards. your twitter and facebook pictures are alive. from the colorado quick hit of snow, to savannah, georgia, which has warm temperatures rolling today. we're going to shift that with this front. as the front moves through, two zones of rain. the one to the left is the today zone. the one to the right is the tomorrow zone. this is heavy rain that will be coming with the fast-moving front. along that front will also be powerful storms, particularly in southern areas. >> all of that weather brought
8:39 am
to you by purina.
8:40 am
8:41 am
this is huge for me. andrea bocelli and david foster right here. one of the most successful classical solo artists. andrea bocelli has a new album out today, "passione."
8:42 am
andrea, before we get a song out of you. i love early stories. and i know you played piano in a bar in tuscany when you were a teenager. do you have wonderful memories of that time? >> first i remember, i was 18 years old. it was a very different age from now. and i remember that when i decide to play, i didn't know no one song. so, i had to learn a lot of songs in a few days. and i begun just with the songs that you will listen in this album. >> beautiful. david, we're going to hear a little bit of "passione." but you've done albums with him before. what brought you back? >> we have worked together so many times. his mediterranean love songs. duet with j. lo. it's the album that everyone wants to hear. >> we want to hear so much. just begin. "passione." >> all right.
8:43 am
♪ [ singing in foreign language ] ♪ ♪ [ singing in foreign language ]
8:44 am
♪ [ singing in foreign language ] ♪ ♪ [ singing in foreign language ]
8:45 am
♪ [ singing in foreign language ] ♪ [ singing in foreign language ] ♪ [ singing in foreign language ]
8:46 am
[ cheers and applause ]
8:47 am
8:48 am
you see him right there. we are back with more of our winter concert series. he has a new album, "passione." he's here with producer, david foster. and he's going to sing a little elvis presley, "love me tender." ♪ love me tender love me sweet ♪
8:49 am
♪ never let me go you have made my ♪ ♪ life complete and i love you so ♪ ♪ love me tender love me true ♪ ♪ all my dreams fulfilled oh, my darling ♪ ♪ i love you and i always will ♪ ♪ love me tender love me long ♪ ♪ take me to your heart
8:50 am
for it's there ♪ ♪ that i belong and will never part ♪ ♪ love me tender love me true ♪ ♪ all my dreams fulfilled for my darling ♪ ♪ i love you and i always will ♪ ♪ love me tender love me dear ♪ ♪ tell me you are mine
8:51 am
i'll be yours ♪ ♪ through all the years till the end of time ♪ ♪ love me tender love me true ♪ ♪ all my dreams fulfilled oh, my darling ♪ ♪ i love you and i always will ♪ ♪ and i always will and i always will ♪
8:52 am
[ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
8:54 am
a big thanks to andrea bocelli and david foster. "passione" is available in
8:55 am
stores today. jude law, going to be here live. >> phenomenal stuff. buckle in. here it comes. we're predicting super bowl victories with monkeys. go nowhere.
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> good morn being i am kristen sze. marin county superior visors are set to decide on approving a ban on wireless meters.
8:58 am
they might raise utilities bills. pg&e said the swap meters are safe and accurate. >> we'll look at 24 hour temperature change. thank you, kristin. everybody little bit warmer and same as yesterday . talking about temperatures. cool spot in san francisco . 61 in santa rosa. and mid-60s in the weekend. and it is overturned accident cleared out of lanes . problem and big rig blocked there . three cars in the hov lane. and >> it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the comedy "mike & molly," and the film "identity thief," melissa mccarthy. and star of the action adventure
8:59 am
series "arrow," stephen amell. all next on the emmy-award winning "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] ♪ [cheers and applause] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] kelly: hello! michael: hey. kelly: we had a medical emergency backstage. that's why we were a little late coming out the door. how are your band aids today? michael: they're fine. i got them on iti

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